Parmen Zakaraia Nokalakevi Architectural-Archaeological

Nokalakevi Archeological Museum

Nokalakevi (Tsikhe-Goji- Archaeopolis)

Nokalakevi Ormotsmotsamenta  church, VI c.

Samegrelo-Upper-Svaneti Region, Senaki District, Tekhuri River-Back, Village of Nokalakevi; Distance from Tbilisi 320 km; Distance from the city of Senaki 17;
Area: This ancient town –the capital of the kingdom of Egrisi and the residence of its sovereigns covers the area of 20 ha-s (48 acres) and contents three sections: the main one, covering lower areas of the town, the section located on the hill slope– with royal garrison barracks and the third one with main fortification - the citadel located on top section of the plateau.
Open: Ever day from 10:00 -17:00, Day off- Monday
Address: Senaki Municipality, village of Nokalakevi
Means of access:
Minibus – Tbilisi-Senaki
Train – Tbilisi-Senaki and then by minibus /bus to Nokalakevi;

Essential Sightseeing: The complex with no analogues in the Caucasus- Late Antique/Early Medieval citadel, remains of palaces of the Kings of Egrisi, (IV-VI cc), royal and public bathhouses, potable water reservoirs (IV-VI cc), a secret tunnel under the river, ruins of several churches dated back by IV-VI cc., the domed church of the 40 Saint Martyrs adorned with XVI-XVIII cc wall painting. The local museum offers an exhibition covering vast period of time from XIII-XII cc BC till XVIII c. AD with many unique findings.

Tsikhegoji –Archeopolis –capital of the Kingdome of Egrisi in IV-VIII cc, one of the most important frontier strongholds in the war lead by the Byzantines against Persians throughout the VI c AD. This castle fortified with triple defensive masonry walls was captured by the famous Arab military leader Mervan ibn Muhammad (Murvan the Deaf by Georgian tradition) in the 30-ies of VIII c. In XVI-XVIII cc Nokalakevi is one of the residences of the house of Dadiani, sovereigns of the Principality of Samegrelo.

The Museum-Reserve is glad to offer to visitors the tours as follows:

  • Abedati Castle
  • Shkhepi Castle
  • Martvili Monastery and the Museum
  • Sepieti Three-Nave Basilica
  • Khobi Monastery
  • Tsalenjikha Monastery
  • Zugdidi Palace and Botanical Garden
  • Otsindale Complex



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